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The subtle system

Within each human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interpret the external physical world. At the same time, within us there is a subtle system of channels (nadis) and energy centers (chakras) that take care of our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being.

Each of the seven chakras (represented by a star in the image on the left) has several spiritual qualities. When the Kundalini energy, which is dormant at the base of the spine, is awakened, ascends the spine eliminating obstructions of the chakras and freeing us of our physical, emotional and mental problems, giving us a balance with ourselves and our environment.

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The channels

The three channels of the Subtle System are, in Sanskrit language, the Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi and Shushumna Nadi (Nadi, in Sanskrit means river or channel).

Right Channel

The Pingala Nadi is the right side, the channel of the Sun, the channel of action. It gives power to our rational mind, which allows us to learn and obtain the necessary strength to overcome problems through effort. It is the most masculine side of men and women. The typical problems on the right side are selfish or violent behavior, arrogance and pride.

Basic subtle system

Left channel

The Ida Nadi is the left side, the channel of the Moon, the desire. It gives us the power of emotions in their pure state, providing the qualities of deep joy, pure love, compassion and artistic abilities. It is related to the past. This side is the most feminine of men and women. The typical problems on the left side are emotional attachment, depression, low self-esteem, guilt or lethargy.

Central Channel

The Shushumna Nadi, the central channel, is the balance of the other two channels. The daily meditation of Sahaja Yoga leads to a cooling of the channel of the Sun and the heating of the lunar channel, thus achieving a state of equilibrium in which attention ceases to pass from one channel to another, from sadness to euphoria, from hyperactivity to lethargy, and always remains at the center, in the present.

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The Chakras

The vital force of the human body is concentrated in the centers called chakras. A farm is a center of energy, which normally can not be perceived, but which controls the perfect functioning of the parts of the physical body that are under its control.

It is very important for our welfare to have a correct understanding of what can affect each farm, since each thought and action influences the sensitivity and functioning of these energetic centers.

Immediately after the realization, the chakras are activated and the slow process of cleaning up all the negative energy accumulated during years of self-destructive activities, such as drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, anger or fanaticism of any kind, begins. The benefits are almost immediate; small anxieties are reduced and joy and objectivity begin to manifest.

Our body has seven main chakras, which correspond to nerve plexuses of the autonomous system, and which give us qualities such as diplomacy, compassion, wisdom and creativity. In ascending order, the seven chakras are the following:

Mooladhara Chakra


The first chakra is located below the sacral bone, in which the Kundalini resides. Its main aspect is innocence, which is the quality that allows us to experience pure joy, without the limitations of prejudices and conditioning.

Innocence gives us dignity, balance and a strong sense of right; an intuitive wisdom that is always present in children, but that little by little we lose, immersed in the conditions of modern life. This quality exists in all of us, and it is only waiting for the awakening of the Kundalini to manifest in all its beauty and purity.

Swadisthan Chakra


The second chakra is that of creativity, knowledge and pure attention. It is the one that connects us with the internal source of inspiration and allows us to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

The pure knowledge that this chakra gives us is not mental, but is a direct and absolute perception of reality. In this center is our capacity for concentration and attention. On the physical plane, it takes care of the lower part of the liver, the kidneys and the lower part of the abdomen.

Nabhi Chakra


The third chakra is what gives us the quality of generosity and the full sense of satisfaction and happiness.

When the Kundalini illuminates this chakra, it provides rectitude and an internal sense of morality, giving us the balance in the different facets of our life.

Anahat Chakra


The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is the place where the spirit resides, our true being. From the heart, love and compassion are manifested, and this chakra gives us a sense of responsibility.

In its central part, at the height of the sternum, it manifests as complete security and self-confidence. All our fears dissipate when the Kundalini goes through the heart chakra.

Vishuddhi Chakra


The fifth chakra is that of diplomacy. This farm provides the energy it takes to communicate with others. It's good state has repercussions in that the relations are correct and in that we can express the perceptions of the heart.

This chakra is obstructed with feelings of guilt and when we blame others with our arrogance, that is, when we lack our own or someone else's dignity.

Agnya Chakra


The sixth chakra is responsible for forgiveness and compassion, and allows to transcend the thinking mental consciousness to spiritual consciousness without thought (in Sanskrit Nirvichara). The best exponent of forgiveness is Jesus. His last words, "forgive them because they do not know what they are doing," are the best example of forgiveness.

When this chakra opens, we understand the true meaning of forgiveness, just as we become aware of the evil that hatred and resentment makes us. The latter are incompatible with the peace and love to which a human being aspires from the noble interior of his spirit.

Sahasrara Chakra


The seventh center integrates the previous six with all its qualities and aspects. It represents the last step in the evolution of human consciousness. Humanity as a whole is faced with the possibility of awakening this farm that until now was unknown.

The Sahasrara chakra gives us the direct perception of reality, achieved through realization, through the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini given by Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji blowing the cool breeze

Learn the basics

The cool breeze

The cool breeze, which you probably felt when carrying out the exercise of Realization, is the same one that we feel in the palms of our hands and on our heads when we meditate and the same one that, in the ancient scriptures, describe by yogis and Sufis, from Africa to Asia throughout the centuries.

In India it is known as Chaitanya Lahiri, Al-Ruh in Islam, or the Holy Spirit in Christianity. It is not a new discovery, but very few people have felt it throughout history and those who have done it can not explain it to those who have not. We invite you to try it again, and experiment it in a collective way in the Sahaja Yoga free courses to delve into the subject.

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