Sahaja Yoga Challenge – Help the collective

We all love to be in our collectives, we had received a lot and now it is time to give and help the collective in any way comes to your heart.

That is lovely!, but the challenge is to give that love to any other Sahaj Collective where we don’t belong.

Let’s realize that we are only one soul, one single collective. Less divisions more love!

We should have an international understanding about human beings, that after coming to Sahaja Yoga we transcend all the barriers, all the barriers of race, religion and nationality. We have to create this homogenous world and make it peaceful by removing this disease of national identification or racial identification. We are all created by God Almighty. Our differences are only skin deep. Culturally, we are different a little bit here and there, but basically in ourselves we are all spiritual. And the religion that you have is innate built-in within us, which is a part and parcel of us.

Shri Mataji, Dec 28th 1993