Exchange Vibrations Challenge

Until now the challenges required your individual desire and action, now it’s time to extend it to others. This week challenge is to exchange vibrations with a different yogi every day.


Due the corona situation, you might require to become creative to exchange vibrations.

  • Do you think it’s possible to achieve it using virtual meetings?
  • How different are the results from doing it with a yogi in front of you?

Leave your comments and ideas, it will help us to achieve it easier!

What if we missed the previous challenges?

Don’t worry, it’s never too late to begin. 

Start with the first challenge, enjoy it for a week and if you like it, keep doing it for the next week challenge and keep going, enjoy it and even comment it. We would like you to share your experiences.

How has been your experience with this challenge?

Leave your comments and share your joy.