Sahaja yogi meditating


The realization

The exercise of realization consists of using the power of desire and action that exist within each one of us through certain affirmations and exercises. These affirmations are said from the inside. You can also use this technique to give realization to friends, if you already have the realization.

Sit on the floor or in a chair, without the shoes to be more comfortable, and relax. Take a few deep breaths. Let the stress of the day goes away and give time to yourself to experience the true inner peace.

Follow calmly, the next steps, placing the hand as indicated, and saying inside the questions and statements that are proposed.

Keep an open and sincere attitude, without getting entangled in analysis or expectations. Just observe what you feel, and enjoy the exercise.

We can turn to our own energy as "Mother." Repeat the affirmations the number of times indicated. Try to keep your eyes closed throughout the exercise to keep attention within us.

If you wish, you can listen to music for meditation

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 1

Place your right hand on the heart and in a relaxed way, ask three times:

"Mother, Am I the Spirit?"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 2

Then place the hand at the height of the stomach and ask three times:

"Mother, Am I my own master?"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 3

With the right hand in the lower part of the abdomen, pressing a little on the left groin, repeat six times:

"Mother, please give me the knowledge of the truth"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 4

Put your hand back to your abdomen and make the following statement ten times:

"Mother, I am my own master"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 5

Raise the right hand to the heart and with confidence, affirms twelve times:

"Mother, I am the Spirit"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 6

With the hand on the left side of the neck, turn your head to the right and affirm sixteen times:

"Mother, I am not guilty of anything"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 7

Now, place your hand on your forehead and repeat several times:

"Mother, I forgive everyone and I forgive myself"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 8

Next, place your hand on the back of the head and repeat several times:

"Mother, if I have made an error against my Spirit, consciously or unconsciously, please forgive me"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 9

Keeping our eyes closed, we place the hand on the head, moving the scalp in a clockwise direction and asking with humility:

"Mother, please give me my Self Realization of Being"

Sahaja Yoga meditation step 10

Now, stay a few minutes in thoughtless awareness.

When you finish, raise your right hand a few inches above your head and see what you feel. Then change hands and compare if the feeling is the same or different.

Sahaja yoguis meditating

Now, what do we do?

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