Sahaja Yoga for mothers


Yoga for mothers

Caring for our children is a reflection of our love for them and when we feed ourselves with positive energy we can offer it to them so they can grow and learn to become better people through our own example.

You can learn techniques that will help your children eliminate premature stress, reduce their aggressiveness, focus their attention and develop social qualities that will help them become better people.

"Just as a mother sees her child, you should see the whole world as a beautiful place that has been created by God."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Pregnancy and fertility

Pregnancy can be emotionally and physically exhausting for a woman. Changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and the autonomic nervous system can create a degree of emotional distress. Meditation helps women cope with the demands of their body and mind during this time of preparation and change.

Conscious Parenting

Practicing consciousness without thoughts shapes our ability to navigate the path of parenting. Focusing on the present and being aware of what is done is especially useful in times of uncertainty and change.

Parents can lead by example and share simple techniques with children to foster a sense of calm, trust and mutual love.

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For Parents and Children

Sleeping in children

Sleeping in children

Meditation and relaxation tools can help children relax and prepare for sleep. Short meditations and cleansing techniques at night can help improve sleep patterns.



Children can achieve self-confidence by reducing their thoughts and controlling their emotions. Meditation can help children master their bodies and minds, leading to the self-confidence and social-emotional skills necessary for their life.

Relaxation on children

Relaxation on children

By means of meditation the tension levels are reduced, allowing to achieve a cleaner and focused attention that helps to enjoy and live in the present. Reduces your anxiety and generates a natural relaxation of the body and mind in a lasting and restorative way.

Stress management

Stress management

Children can be sensitive to the world around them. They are exposed to stress on a daily basis, from problems at school to problems at home and can catch their parents' anxiety. Meditation helps balance a child's response to stressful situations.

Children's meditation

Children's meditation

Meditation and mindfulness can help children relax, be present, and achieve higher levels of self-confidence. Regular practice allows them to self-regulate negative emotions and develop good habits, making them happier and more compassionate.

Help with the exams

Help with the exams

Meditation can evoke a sense of calm and ability. This is useful to put the examination pressure in perspective. Learning to separate from external events and judgments can help students reduce the impact of emotional pressures on their academic achievements and, in turn, improve their overall performance.

Help with the pain

Help with the pain

Meditation can be useful in helping children cope with pain. It can help with your perception of pain and control the associated worry, stress and sadness that may arise with the disease.

Happiness in children


Meditation helps achieve a positive perspective. It allows children to control their negative emotions and develop good habits to make them happier and more compassionate.

Family and friends in children

Family and friends

Meditation improves a child's ability to empathize. This improves children's awareness of others and helps them build positive relationships.

Deal with the change

Deal with the change

Children thrive on routine and consistency. Meditation helps children develop emotional maturity so that they can develop resilience and cope better with change.

No bulling


Meditation can heal and train children. Children who have suffered bullying, abuse and emotional neglect can benefit from learning to identify with their inner being. This develops their self-esteem and self-confidence. Children learn to let go of negativity by letting go of negative thoughts.

Creativity for children


Although children are naturally creative, sometimes they do not realize their potential. Sahaja Yoga meditation develops an expansive and relaxed way of thinking, which establishes and strengthens your creativity.

Increase memory for children

Increase memory

Meditation leads to cognitive and performance skills in children. Meditation can improve concentration and our ability to retain information. Learning how to focus the mind and retrieve information can help children with learning and memory.

Corporal image

Corporal image

Body image is strongly correlated with self-esteem. To love and fully accept our bodies means to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, inside and out. Meditation helps children develop a more positive relationship with their growing bodies.

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